Ep11: Supersonic Curiosity - James Threadgill

Image credit:   James Threadgill

Image credit: James Threadgill

James Threadgill works with supersonic wind and left his industry job to further his love of learning and understanding. He shares his drive for research, and reflections on choosing and pursuing a PhD.

They didn’t seem to wrap their head around that you might want something more than just a job to tick a box
— James Threadgill
Image credit: James Threadgill

Image credit: James Threadgill

The experiment shown in the photograph is the wind tunnel used by James, complete with green laser system for studying particle flow inside the chamber.

The slow-motion video below shows a shockwave caught inside the wind tunnel.

You can read more about video below hereYou can also read more about James' work and the research of the rest of the Flow Control group at Imperial College London here.