Quantitative Analysis And Optimization Of Gravure Printed Metal Ink, Dielectric And Organic Semiconductor Films

Stuart G. Higgins, Francesca L. Boughey, Russell Hills, Joachim H. G. Steinke, Beinn V. O. Muir, Alasdair J. Campbell

ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces 7 (9) 5045-5050 (2015), doi: 10.1021/am508316f

'Here we demonstrate the optimization of gravure printed metal ink, dielectric, and semiconductor formulations. We present a technique for nondestructively imaging printed films using a commercially available flatbed scanner, combined with image analysis to quantify print behavior. Print speed, cliché screen density, nip pressure, the orientation of print structures, and doctor blade extension were found to have a significant impact on the quality of printed films, as characterized by the spreading of printed structures and variation in print homogeneity. Organic semiconductor prints were observed to exhibit multiple periodic modulations, which are correlated to the underlying cell structure.'

© 2015 CC-BY Higgins  et al . 

© 2015 CC-BY Higgins et al


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