A podcast about the culture of being a scientist. Dr Stuart Higgins talks to scientists, science communicators, journalists and comedians to find out what it means to be a scientist.

I have recently come across this amazing podcast providing key ingredients to success in all areas of science. Thanks Dr. Higgins for your wisdom and foresight. I wish more successful investigators understood the importance of gaining skills beyond the bench.
— 5 stars, OPAuth
I love this podcast. It provides listeners with unique insight into the lives of scientists and the world of academia. Podcasts like these are rare and as a PhD student, it can be incredibly helpful to listen to experienced individuals in the field.
— 5 stars, Sary1234
Dr. Higgins and his guests/collaborators are doing a great service to current and future academics worldwide, articulating something that doesn’t quite make for a grabby, sensationalist headline: scientists are just people
— 5 stars, Andddyyyy
Very interesting interviews with scientists about the experience of being a scientist. The guests are very candid, and it covers both the positive and less positive aspects of academia. Lots of food for thought, and nicely produced too.
— 5 stars, Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaandy
Excellent, just found these pods but so glad they exist!
— 5 stars, johnstdg